People-Centric Innovation in Smart Manufacturing

Providing smart and practical solutions


iPlast 4.0 implements smart manufacturing for the many companies in the plastics industry. We bring together an international team of practitioners, from retired engineers to practising professionals to young industry entrants. The team hails from both Europe and Asia, and offers great expertise and experience in enabling Industry 4.0.

Together with our global eco-system of renown partners, iPlast 4.0 helps our clients to implement Model Factory Cells (MFC) that are microcosms of Industry 4.0 concepts. To ensure successful adoption by clients, these implementations combine audit, consulting, hardware, training and software in the fields of Scientific Moulding, Smart Maintenance, LEAN Automation and Smart Manufacturing.

To implement smart manufacturing for the many companies


Industry 4.0, commonly described as the digital transformation of manufacturing, is widely perceived as a great opportunity but also a huge challenge for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Currently, many automation, software and hardware suppliers focus on solutions for large international industry players which are unworkable for most SMEs in Asia.

We aim to fill this gap by giving SMEs access to our international network of experts and professionals working together towards this exciting new revolution in the industry.

Our mission statement for iPlast 4.0: To implement smart manufacturing for the many companies.


iPlast 4.0 aims to empower SMEs to take practical and economical steps towards achieving a competitive Industry 4.0 business by providing the following:

  • Hands on, fully equipped, Industry 4.0 training centres situated across Asia.
  • Business Evaluation Teams to work with SMEs to create tailored road maps to Industry 4.0.
  • Plastics-specific information technology applications.
  • Plastics hardware outsourcing.