Anston Tan


Anston graduated from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University in 1999. In the subsequent years, he founded several moulding factories in Europe and became proficient in areas such as industrial process optimisation, production automation and turnkey factory design.

From 2001 to 2011, Anston leveraged the unique strengths of Europe and Asia to grow his business, becoming the second largest global plastic goods supplier to Sweden’s foremost furniture and home furnishing company, and also one of the main integrators that can provide turnkey solutions to plastics companies in East Europe.

In 2014, with the emerging German Industry 4.0 concept, and building on his foundation in Industry 3.0, Anston co-founded the German Training Centre for Injection Moulding (Asia), German Innovation Centre for Industry 4.0 (Asia) and the iPlast 4.0 people-centric smart manufacturing platform.  He also created the Injection Moulding 4.0 development roadmap to implement smart manufacturing for the many companies, and consequently, he is now recognised as a pioneer in the field.  Anston is frequently invited to influential international conferences to speak on enabling Industry 4.0.

Today, Anston leads a global team of professionals and experts that has successfully enabled many Asian plastic moulders to embark on automated and digitalised manufacturing, with the added benefit of raising their technical capabilities. He is also appointed by the Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association (MPMA) as their Lead Consultant for the Malaysian government’s initiative to bring Industry 4.0 to the plastics industry.