Chua Chee Khiang

Licensed Trainer
Business Unit: Scientific Moulding

Chua Chee Khiang is a Malaysian expert in manufacturing with over 30 years of Malaysian and international experience. Over the course of the years, Chua has achieved a strong background in scientific injection moulding. He has also worked in many countries including Russia, Latvia, and Indonesia among others.

Chua started his career in 1973 from an Electrical apprentice to a Lead Electrical Technician in the Electrical Department. Thereafter, he moved on becoming a foreman in the plastics industry and progress his career becoming head of department until he became a factory manager. Chua studied precision injection moulding techniques and injection moulding machine processes at Nissei and Sumitomo Singapore. He was trained further in scientific injection moulding in Taiwan, Singapore and Germany. He is registered with Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) as a certified trainer (TTT/18369).

In 1994, he successfully started a greenfield precision injection moulding factory in Johore. In 2002, he assisted setting up an injection moulding factory in Latvia.