CT Huang

Licensed Trainer and Accreditor
Business Unit: Scientific Moulding

CT Huang received his Master of Science and Doctor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis. He used to worked as a Specialist in EPA (Taiwan) to handle plastic recycling and UCL/ITRI as a researcher, working on research and development for all plastic optical components, especially based on COC material. Thereafter, he joined Moldex3D. He was a Technical Director and responsible for technical researches of various critical molding technologies. CT is currently an Assistant Professor at Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, Tamkang University in Taiwan.

From 1990 up-to-date, he has worked in “polymer industry” to figure out the connection between theories and industrial applications. Specifically, over twenty years, he devoted himself to the polymer processing, including general injection moulding, multiple components moulding, optical polymeric component development, fiber spinneret design and simulation and interfacial instability investigation. Recently, he works on special injection moulding technologies like multi-component moulding (overmoulding, co-injection, bi-injection), hot runner, conformal cooling, microcellular foam injection moulding, injection compression moulding, injection stretch blow moulding, in-mould decoration, fiber orientation and variotherm technology.