Dieter Keller (Dipl. Ing.)

Licensed Trainer and Accreditor
Business Unit: Scientific Moulding

Dieter graduated in Darmstadt, Germany in 1971 with a Dipl. Ing. in Plastics Processing.

He started his career with a Tier-one Supplier in the Automotive Industry. He worked in both the engineering department and was also the chief of the injection moulding shop with over 100 machines ranging from 5 tons to 1,000 tons in clamping force.

Dieter has extensive experience in the R&D for new materials and moulding techniques. He has been involved in numerous new product development, mould trial, production commissioning and process optimisation throughout his 40 working years in the industry.

Dieter is a member of The Association of German Engineers (VDI) since 1971 and is the owner of many patents in Injection Moulding and Plastics Processing.