Ken Ng

Dr. Ng Kean Eng

Licensed Trainer & Accreditor
Business Unit: Smart Manufacturing

Dr. Ng Kean Eng obtained his PhD in Production and Information Systems Engineering at Muroran Institute of Technology (Japan) under Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship.  His remarkable research during his PhD studies won him three (3) awards from the renowned engineering societies – Japan Society of Design Engineering and also Machine Tool Engineering Foundation.

Dr. Ng was a recipient of Rotary International Yoneyama Scholarship and Malaysian Government Scholarship (under the Department of Public Services, JPA) for his Master and Bachelor Degrees respectively. A Certified Leader Auditor and highly experienced Supplier Quality Manager in Valeo Japan, who remarkably contributed in improving quality of the company’s product.

Dr. Ng also contributed developing enormous OEM factories in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China and other ASEAN countries. Currently, he is moving forward to develop the Road Map for Industry 4.0 quality management to support the local industry needs.