Poh Leng Yee

Partner, Consultant
Business Unit: Smart Manufacturing

Leng Yee graduated from Nanyang Technological University with Honours Degree in Communication Studies. A life-long passion with technology allows Leng Yee to easily combine business and technical skills and perspectives, consequently, Leng Yee started his career with Singapore’s National Computer Board as an Analyst.

In 1999, Leng Yee co-founded an Internet start-up for the global plastics industry, taking the first step into the field of plastics and large-scale manufacturing. From 2008, Leng Yee was appointed the General Director in one of the largest plastic products suppliers of IKEA. At the company, Leng Yee successfully transformed the business to use automation and information technologies, resulting in significant business growth and greatly improved efficiencies from office to production.

Leng Yee is now spearheading research and development into innovative technologies and solutions that will help the plastics industry prepare for the coming era of digitised smart manufacturing.