Realizing Smart Manufacturing for SMEs – step by step

iPlast 4.0 Software

Our software development is grounded on the idea of simple solutions that can be implemented very quickly and without a big investment.
Software applications of today must be flexible, seamless and easy to adopt.
All of our software applications fulfil these requirements at an extremely high value to cost ratio.

We provide a full range of simple but powerful applications, specifically tailored to the needs of SMEs.
You can use our applications as stand alone solutions or in combination with other applications—whatever fits your needs.

SmartMould is a simple yet effective mobile app packed with useful tools for injection moulding specialists. Developed with input from industry experts and veterans, the SmartMould app takes the guesswork out of your production floor with its powerful calculators and handy report generators. Simply input the data and SmartMould will do the rest!


SmartCloud is our next generation software for Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 applications. This platform provides an end-to-end solution that links up the production cells in your factory to our online software platform, utilising different applications on the platform to perform constant collection data and analysis, and offer deeper insights into your factory operations. By cross-analysing previously separated streams of data, these applications can also provide new and unique perspectives for Smart Manufacturing projects and improvements.

SmartData aims to connect the machines in your factory to a central platform. By collecting and processing data in real-time using cloud technology, SmartData:

  • Enables immediate reactions to problems on the shop floor
  • Displays the status of the factory and the machines at a glance
  • Provides crucial information and analysis tools for optimising your production workflow
  • Generates OEE and reports for your financing departments and presentations

SmartMES is the leading software in manufacturing execution systems (MES). Adherence to schedules, reduction of costs and optimization of resources are requirements which have to be met by modern production companies in order to be able to stand their ground in this changing world. SmartMES makes this possible by enabling comparable and transparent operating figures throughout the corporate group, letting companies take advantage of their production’s high profit potential.