Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 Driver Licence®

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The First Systematic and Practice-oriented Industry 4.0 Workshop

Industry 4.0 has an impact on even your company

Huge Transformation

Industry 4.0 refers to the digitalisation of the entire industry. The term describes the huge transformation automated value chains up to flexible and adaptive production networks.

Intelligent Products

With the help of intelligent and networked production units, as well as the use of cyber-physical systems, new opportunities for efficiency and cost reduction are presented. New products, services, and business models, can also be developed.

“In Germany, lots of discussions about challenges of digitalisation are held without actually approaching them.”

“Industry 4.0 expects a completely new mindset which is not seen yet in many companies.”

Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 Driver Licence®

The Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 Driver Licence® is the only training concept based on a modularised and holistic framework.

A driver licence is needed to operate complex machines, such as cars, boats and motorbikes. That is the same concept behind the training we offer. Numerous conferences, meetings and workshops about Industry 4.0 are held in Germany at the moment. However, most of these events are very basic and do not talk about translating this concept into reality.

The Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 Driver Licence® is a profound and practical-orientated training course for SMEs, where participants will be systematically led to discover the challenges of digitalisation, and how to overcome them.

The 3 Courses

Thereby, concrete solutions, technologies and case studies about Industry 4.0 are shown. Within the 3 courses, all the essential facets of Industry 4.0 are considered. The evolutionary process for the realisation of the concept is also discussed with the participants. The Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 Driver Licence® educates and prepares SMEs for the future challenges. Concrete questions and pragmatic solutions are the focus.

The driver licence will be issued out only to participants who successfully pass the written and oral exam. The issuing of the participation certificate after every course takes place only after a written exam.

“The digital transformation of the industry cannot succeed without the SMEs.”

Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 Driver Licence®

Course 1

Development of the Industry 4.0 concept | Basics of digitalisation | Big Data | Internet of Things and Services | Industry 4.0 Matrix | Horizontal and vertical integration I | Research & Development 4.0 | Production 4.0 | Logistics 4.0 | Business model innovation 4.0

Course 2

Wrap-Up course 1 | Quality management 4.0 | Maintenance 4.0 |After sales services 4.0 | Business analytics and data mining | Ecosystems 4.0 | Horizontal and vertical integration II | Robotics 4.0 | Autonomous Systems | Employment and workplace 4.0

Course 3

Wrap-Up course 2 | Human machine collaboration | Assistance Systems, Augmented reality and Virtual Reality | Cloud computing and service orientation | Software system environment | Change management for I4.0 | IT security | Continuous and digital engineering |Additive manufacturing and 3D printing | Digital implementation management

What Makes The License Special?

Cross-functional Perspective

Systematic and Practical Approach to Digitalisation of the Industry

Specifically Oriented to SMEs

Technological and Strategic Questions

Our Key Features

  • Well-developed and structured course offering great insights into the digital transformation of the industry.
  • Practical solutions for applying Industry 4.0 concepts in businesses, including feasibility assessments and strategies.
  • Carefully selected case studies on actual Industry 4.0 projects — learn from both successes and failures.
  • Exchange and interact with participants from other companies and branches.

“You won’t be successful if you only look at Industry 4.0 as only a technological challenge.”

Target Audience

All function and hierarchy areas, which need and aim education about challenges and solution for digitalisation of the industry:
manager, executive producer, production workers, shift foreman, logistic manager, logistic workers, project manager, personal department, marketing and distribution, controlling, quality management.

“Industry 4.0 is an exclusive circle with few protagonists. We need more openness and cooperation.”

Our Learning Environment

  • Highly interactive classes led by certified trainers.
  • Thoughtful group discussions that cover both technical and business aspects of Industry 4.0.
  • Use of selected case studies to develop the analytical mindset needed for digital transformation.
  • Team exercises to learn how to access Industry 4.0 readiness and potential.
  • Trainer-guided individual challenges using actual examples from your company of experience.