First Step to Smart Manufacturing

Programme Overview


Smart Manufacturing is the next level that the manufacturing world strives to achieve. Also known as the “The 4th Industrial Revolution”, it entails automation, constant connectivity, and accelerated change, in which the Internet of Things meets Smart Factory. Smart Manufacturing thereby seeks to optimise factory plants and supply networks by transforming them into profit centres.

This programme is specifically designed to guide local factories & SMEs using step-by-step approaches; from understanding the concept of “Industry 4.0” to the implementation of various improvement initiatives, and the eventual goal of helping local manufacturers to achieve “Smart Manufacturing” status.

Programme Benefit

At the end of the programme participants will be able to understand what Smart Manufacturing and the concept of Industry 4.0 are.

The participants will also be proficient with understanding and using SmartData. By identifying the disturbances in the process, equipment, workflow, and improving on them, companies will be able to handle increasing demands from customers while consuming fewer resources. Furthermore, this will help companies map out and prioritise what they need in order to attain Smart Manufacturing. SmartData will also assist the management in making decisions based on facts rather than feelings.

Target Industry


Target Group

Sales and Marketing, Business Support, Quality Assurance, Production Planner, Administration and Finance, Human Resource, Machine/Mould Setter, Shift Leader, Head of Moulding Shop, Maintenance Engineer / Technician, Production Executive / Supervisor, Designer, Production, Maintenance & Factory Manager, Project Manager.

Course Content

Course 1 - Introduction to Smart Manufacturing

  • About Industry 4.0
  • Importance of Big Data and The SmartData in Manufacturing

Course 2 – SmartData Tool

  • Collecting Usable Data
  • Evaluating Daily Management Yardstick
  • Analysing and setting Parameter
  • Practical – Using the SmartData Tools

Course 3 – SmartData Analysis

  • Measuring Unused & Lost Capacities
  • Measuring Productivity Level
  • Decision Making Based on Reliable Data

Course 4 – Lean: Adding Values, Eliminating Wastes

  • Lean Tool
  • Measuring Lean

Course 5 – Gaining Productivity Through Data

  • Improving Process stability
  • Improving Equipment Stability
  • Improving product assembly and work flow
  • Becoming i4.0 company

Skill Area

  • Explore and tackle problems to acquire and enhance your knowledge and skills
  • Apply a wide range of knowledge, skills and attitudes to solve problems through projects
  • Experience actual industrial activities together with multi-disciplinary knowledge

Training Fee

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  • Problem solving
  • Project work
  • Production-based learning


Theory and Practical

Training Location

Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore

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